Man Overboard



1. Waller and Razaf [03:11]
Honeysuckle Rose

2. Fain and Brown [04:50]
That old feeling

3. Rothberg and Meyer [03:46]
It ain't right

4. McHugh and Fields [04:02]
On the sunny side of the street

5. Palmer and Williams [04:13]
I found a new baby

6. Marks and Simons [03:40]
All of me

7. Jolson, Al [03:26]

8. Petkere and Young [04:17]
Lullaby of the leaves

9. Gordon / Roberts / Kaufman [03:38]
Me myself & I

10. Trad. [06:10]
St James' infirmary

11. Fain / Magidson / Siegel [04:08]
Hummin' to myself

12. Adams and Carmichael [02:29]

13. Battle and Durham [04:16]

14. Jones and Kahn [04:06]
I'll see you in my dreams

15. Brown and Young [03:40]
The old man of the mountain

16. Lewis and Hamilton [04:12]
How high the moon

17. Little and Young [03:15]
You're a heavenly thing

18. Bechet, Sidney [02:48]
Premier Bal


Man Overboard's debut album is a collection of old jazz tunes including numbers by Fats Waller, Al Jolson and Hoagy Carmichael - all played in Man Overboard�s infectious, melodic style.  Expect to be delighted by �on the sunny side of the street�, �All of Me� and �How High the Moon� to name but a few favourite tunes.

Thomas Gould is a classical violinist described as �staggeringly virtuosic� by The Guardian. He also is a dab hand at jazz, and his playing meets its match in the lyrical clarinet playing of Ewan Bleach, who has been making his mark on the music scenes of London and New Orleans.

Thomas and Ewan work the tunes beautifully together, sometimes harmonising, sometimes challenging each other. At other times, they simply provide the setting for Louisa Jones� distinctively husky but sweet and atmospheric voice.

Underpinning the sound are Dave O�Brien  � one of the brightest young musicians on the London swing scene � on the double bass and Jean-Marie Fagon, a good old-fashioned, no-nonsense rhythm guitarist from France.



"All Hands On Deck is 18 tracks of pure joy"

"Jones' voice is a wondrous thing. At once plaintive and hard-edged it's a distinctive and engaging sound. Billie Holiday meets Betty Boop?"

Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz

"... unpretentious, fun jazz played in a  highly infectious style that makes you smile."

Fanfare Magazine


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