Ivana Gavrić



1. Janček, Leŏs [03:36]
In The Mists - i - Andante

2. Janček, Leŏs [04:31]
In The Mists - ii - Molto adagio

3. Janček, Leŏs [03:12]
In The Mists - iii - Andantino

4. Janček, Leŏs [04:34]
In The Mists - iv - Presto

5. Schubert, Franz [13:22]
Sonata in A minor D784 - i - Allegro giusto

6. Schubert, Franz [04:19]
Sonata in A minor D784 - ii - Andante

7. Schubert, Franz [05:26]
Sonata in A minor D786 - iii - Allegro vivace

8. Liszt, Franz [06:22]
Sonnetto 47: Benedetto sia 'l giorno

9. Liszt, Franz [06:44]
Sonetto 104: Pace non trovo

10. Liszt, Franz [06:53]
Sonetto 123: I' vidi in terra angelici costumi

11. Rachmaninov, Sergei [04:35]
Prelude in D Major Op.23 - No.4: Andante Cantabile

12. Rachmaninov, Sergei [02:49]
Prelude in G Major Op.32 - No.5: Moderato

13. Rachmaninov, Sergei [04:09]
Moments Musicaux Op.16 - No.3 in B minor: Andante cantabile

14. Rachmaninov, Sergei [03:14]
Moments Musicaux Op.16 - No.4 in E minor: Presto

Ivana Gavrić, piano

works by Jan�ček, Schubert, Liszt & Rachmaninov for solo piano. 

Mid-2010 marks a double debut for Sarajevo-born pianist, Ivana Gavrić, who will play at the Wigmore Hall for her first solo recital there, and in association with Champs Hill Records, release her first CD, In The Mists.

Moving to London in 1992 at the start of the Bosnian War, Ivana, the daughter of a pianist and then aged 12, studied at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Cambridge University, and the Royal College of Music. About her, Musical Opinion recently wrote: 
ʻOutstandingly successful in every regard... flawless performance... a young artist who is destined for the highest rank.ʼ

This new CD, recorded recently in the Music Room at Champs Hill (from where the label takes its name), takes its title from the featured Jan�ček work.About the programme, Ivana says: 
"The Schubert is a core around which I have constructed the programme - I have always felt comfortable playing works of Classical construction, and the A minor Sonata (D784) opens with a Slavic tint which, to me, foretells Mussorgsky. I find it important to create a journey for both the audience, and myself, that shows all the aspects of my musical personality; the introspective and haunting images in Jan�čekʼs ʻIn the Mistsʼ conveys this, while the Rachmaninov pieces add passion and lyricism.

Also featured on this CD are Lisztʼs stunningly melodic Petrarch Sonnets, bringing the playing time to just over 73 minutes. 




The concept for this CD started with the Schubert Sonata D784. I had always felt very at home with works of Classical construction, and getting to know this sonata seemed a natural step in this direction. The work appears to be an odd one out, since Schubert is the only non-Eastern European in this group of composers, but I have always heard a presentiment of Musorgsky in this sonata, particularly in the opening textures and sonorities. The remaining pieces on the CD all share an introspective mood - whether conveying emotions of unrequited love in Liszt�s Petrarch Sonnets, haunting reminiscences imbued with folk-like melodies in Jan�ček, or simply portraying a daydream in Rachmaninov�s Preludes. These composers have come to form a very important part of my musical core, and I hope that the CD will serve as a journey through pieces that are suffused with passion and lyricism that show all the facets of my musical personality.

I would like to thank Hampshire�s Dayas Music Scholarship Trust for their grant towards the costs of recording the CD. I am extremely grateful to Mary and David Bowerman for enabling me to record at the wonderful Champs Hill and for supporting the CD to this stage. I would like to thank Claire Willis for making it happen, and to Roland Heap and particularly Will Brown for their great work on the recording. And a special thanks to Jeremy Bines for his continuous support and encouragement for the project at every stage of the process.

- Ivana Gavrić

�Her playing is altogether of an extraordinary calibre�

BBC Music Magazine 5 stars

Instrumental Choice of the month, December 2010

Newcomer of the Year Award winner, 2011

Ivana Gavrić is developing into one of the most important young pianists to have emerged in recent years... superbly played, with a poetry and refinement rarely encountered these days, either on or off a disc. There is no doubt in my mind that this CD could well mark the beginning of an outstanding international recording career: playing of this quality does not come along every day. Above all, Ivana Gavrić is a true musician. (Outstanding) 

International Record Review, October 2010

�Gavric�s playing throughout is notable for its beautiful sound, musical integrity and introspection.�

Gramophone, November 2010

Gavric seems drawn to the points at which sunshine and shadow converge... the phrasing carefully considered and imaginatively voiced.� (4 stars)

The Independent on Sunday

�Hugely impressive� this is high-class Schubert playing indeed� (4 stars)

The Guardian


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